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I just saw this famous picture of a young homosexual crying, the one with Hillary Clinton's comment.

The caption says something like «I'm homosexual and I'm afraid for my future because I'm afraid people won't like cause I'm homosexual» and boo hoo hoo… Seriously, this is just an attempt to become internet-famous and get the support of millions of people just because you're homosexual. Like really, in my 17-year life the only place where homosexuals are treated bad is Russia and Ukraine, where a lot of things are already messed up!

We live in the 21st century, seriously, this boy perfectly know that he'll live just fine his whole life in a country where already thousands (if not millions) of homosexuals live perfectly well, happy and legitimately married. Does a boy living in America really think this country is gonna not like him just because of that?! I'll tell you what: this guy has more chance of being criticized because he's acting like a wimpy fame-hungry victim than because he's homosexual!

And people seriously think this picture was not set-up?! It's kinda like all those fake UFO videos: «Quick, grab the worst camera we have!». It's the same thing here: «Look, our boy is crying! Let's make him dress nice, comb his hair and take an amazing HD picture with blurry background and everything!». Believe me, I've got nothing against homosexuals, even though it's a sin in the Bible.

But this is just pathetic!